Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life, As It Happens

She smiles and laughs faintly.  The room is warm and inviting.  She withdraws momentarily, eyes closed, breathing deeply in long drawn out breathes.  Silence blankets the room.  Eyes dart around nervously at first.  She slowly opens her eyes and shows a little more fatigue each time, but she's smiling again. 
Life is on its way.

A low hum of conversation, interspersed with excited giggles.  The beep of the machines, and the mechanic POOF as the band squeezes around her arm again. 

Grace, calm, painful serenity.  Eager anticipation, hopeful contemplation, comfort, warmth.  This is life, and it's coming right at us.  We are here, we are watching life come at us.  Is it really already time?

Goosebumps trickle down my arms as a barely-contained squeal lets loose in my throat as the excitement begins to bubble over.

The transitions begins...from we to three.  Time to shuffle out.  Time to wonder, time to think.  Time to...wait. 

Darkness falls, and the air outside hangs heavy and wet on this mid-summer's night.  Sleep does not come, though time ticks by.  Excitement builds curled up in the chair.  Little Lotto guessing game, laughing pours out of the room.  Busy night tonight.  Is it a full moon?  Family arrives.  Smiles abound.  Nervous chatter.  Musical chairs, moving around the room.  Low grumble of empty stomachs is the night's soundtrack.  A room of acquaintances becomes a room of friends, family. 

Life brings us together. 

Amidst the laughter and light conversation, a sudden quiet falls upon us, and then he appears.  Two becomes three!  Oozing with excitement and anticipation we pour onto the elevator.  "You're a dad!" 

Staring through the glass, he lays across the room, legs pumping and arms outreached.  A mess of hair atop his head, and eyes wide open.  Only the cooing of his audience is audible as we press against the window.  Dad moves with ease as he hoists him up for us to see.  It comes so natural, so easy.  This is how it was meant to be. 

Eyes wide, searching for a thumb, legs pumping, arms moving awkwardly as he moves within his new environment.  This is life, staring right back at us.  This is what life is.  This is what it's all about.

Suddenly that missed appointment, non-existent morning run, skipped dinner, pile of laundry, household chores...completely forgotten. 

We played a roll in life today.  Life as it should be.  Exciting, new, appreciated, loved. 

When you aren't looking, life happens.  It's all around you.  It is constant.  It is fascinating. 

Stop for a moment and you catch it moving past you.  You can't stop it, but you can enjoy it, you can be a part of it. 

Life comes and life goes.  Make sure you let yourself enjoy it as it comes. 

Life, as it happens.

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